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I maintain a blog documenting my daily thoughts and experiences related to life, work, and between:


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My Work

Some of the projects I have worked.

I enjoy taking on new challenges and learning through building, creating, and starting new projects. This page serves as a summary of my endeavors. Discover more here.

About me

Hi there! My name is Mikhail or @jailandrade, and I am a software developer who is enthusiastic about creating and launching high-quality websites and digital products online. Having worked on web and mobile applications using JavaScript and React for several years, I have gained expertise in developing user-friendly, easy-to-scale, and maintain user-friendly products. I focus on creating excellent products that provide an enjoyable experience for users.

I have recently decided to become an Indie Hacker. I am enthusiastic about using my abilities and background to create and launch my products to impact society positively.

I enjoy connecting with people who share my interests and values, whether discussing my development work or experiences as an Indie Hacker. Don't hesitate to get in touch; let's connect!