Find a micro-niche

Written on: 2023-05-29. Last updated on: 2023-05-29.

It's essential to define a niche when you start a business because you can sell more by identifying your area of expertise. But usually, a niche could be extensive, so if you reduce it, you can convert more and work with the type of clients you want to work with. That's a micro-niche.

For example, I design and develop websites; that's my niche. A sub-niche could be: I'm interested in designing and developing personal websites.

A micro-niche represents a small part of consumers and clients from a broader market, and that's what many content creators should target as they're starting.

Back to my case, my micro-niche will be designing and developing personal websites for people who want to boost their brands, and I think there are two sub-niches for this segment: people who constantly create Landing Pages and people who continuously use their Blogs and update their websites for better SEO

A micro niche may receive fewer visits and interactions, but it has the potential to attract people who are specifically interested in purchasing those products or services. This audience is more likely to be interested in buying from you because you are marketing what they are searching for.


  1. Creating content for your audience will be easy, and your content could be more direct and focused.
  2. As the content will be more attentive to help your audience, then will be more useful
  3. It's easy to sell to the people who know what they want.


But what happens if the micro-niche you choose it's not getting the numbers you want? Well, you can always jump to the next micro-niche of your expertise.